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Image analysis and processing, turned computer vision scientist, I am now working in multiple areas of NLP and text processing. I care about deploying production code, documentation (yes, really), and actually looking at the data.

I love good data, and I hate bad statistics.

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Python- Pandas/Numpy/SciPy


ScikitLearn, Tensorflow, Keras


Java/Scala - Hadoop/Spark/Parquet


Visualizations (D3.js, Bokeh, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Plotly)


(My)SQL, MongoDB


Exciting Interactive Websites


Currently working on

Or reading
  1. Introduction to Probability
    Jessica Hwang and Joseph Blitzstein - 2014

  2. The Elements of Statistical Learning
    Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction - Haste et al. 2013

  3. Python for Finance
    Analyze Big Financial Data - Hilpisch 2014

  4. The Grammar of Graphics
    Second Ed. - Wilkinson 2005

Past Projects

Or readings/coding
  1. Zero Pi Model cluster: Personal Hadoop micro-cluster.
    Completed: May 2018

  2. Hacking, The Art of Exploitation
    Second Ed. - Erickson 2008. Completed: Nov 2017

  3. Python Machine Learning
    First Ed. - Sebastian Raschka. Completed: Mar 2017


  • Prsent
    Jan 2019


    Data Engineer - Computer Vision

    Building Scalable data systems for a new age of allergy testing.

  • Jan 2019
    May 2018

    Thomson Reuters Labs

    Data Scientist

    Novel NLP models for Tax and Legal.

  • Jan 2018
    Apr 2017

    Kadima Dynamics

    Lead Data Analytics

    Developing sustainability metrics for non-profits and charities. Measuring impact of social enterprise and innovation in a scarce funded world.

  • Jan 2017
    Apr 2017


    Data Scientist


    Consulting services for government and enterprise across Alberta, bringing big-data analysis to small organizations. Pushing technology innovation and understanding in the province.

  • Jan 2017
    Sept 2016

    Cohesic Digital Health

    Data Analyst & software testing (BDD, E2E)

    Physician reporting software for CT and MRI - in the modern world. Faster workflows, AI-assisted image reading.

  • Sept 2011
    Jan 2013

    SFN Biosystems Inc.


    Design and operation of the worlds-largest, to date, photobioreactor (PRB) for the sequestration of carbon emissions and growth of high-value algae product.

  • May 2006
    Sep 2017

    Alta Ltd., Engineering Design and Consulting

    Co-Founder & COO

    Mechanical Engineering design, fabrication, and consulting for natural gas compression services.


  • Jan 2018

    University of Waterloo

    MMath - Data Science

    Full-stack experience in Data Engineering and Data science. Including database systems implementation, hardware and software (Hadoop, Spark, et c), and ML engineering methods algorithms and statistics.

  • 2014

    University of Calgary

    MSc. Biomedical Engineering - Image Processing

    Analysis of the world's largest, to-date, functional MRI data base for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
    Key methods: PCA, multiple linear regression, timeseries analysis.

  • 2007

    University of Calgary

    Bachelour of Health Sciences (Hons.) - Biomedical

    Focus on independent research, quantitative methods, biostatistics, and experimental design. honour's thesis in the design and testing of a novel stroke treatment therapy (very mild hypothermia apparatus).


Waterloo, ON


+1 403 998 3628

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